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Can you believe a dog park was mentioned again? We have nothing against the dogs having a blast BUT either there is going to be one or there isn't! Our Mayor says not in that place. Maybe the MANAGER of the flood protection didn't get the MEMO?

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City's Application for funding with Destination Iowa - Did they lie or are they lying about needing to use eminent domain in Time Check? More than a 99% chance of not Flooding! We Deserve Answers!

National Flood Control System Model

“This project would substantially complete the southern end of the Cedar River Flood Control System (FCS), protecting the project area from flooding. 

The Cedar Rapids PCS has become a national model for a sustainable flood mitigation system

that doesn’t simply create a wall between the community and the river – but truly embraces the river as a destination. 

Public amenities – such as outdoor recreation, trails, amphitheaters, open greenways, and more – are built into the system, hiding flood protection in plain sight. 

Within weeks of the devastating 2008 Flood, Cedar Rapids conducted extensive public outreach and planning to design the FCS. 

The public expressed the desire for an attractive system that can add benefit to the City during the more than 99% of the time the system isn’t being deployed for flood protection. 

The system has received national awards and recognition and will serve as an additional attraction within the project area.”

PAGE 40 PDF Destination Iowa Application

NW Neighborhood meeting 


Al Pierson, President


Ajai and I attended the NWNA meeting tonight. She as a resident, and I was there as an interested party. After the meeting was adjourned, Ajai went to ask Rob about the study that was done and express her disdain with their property being in the aim of eminent domain. Out of the clear blue, I was standing close to the door, I heard the President of the Association, Al Pierson of Pierson Flowers, telling Ajai to get her ass out of there. Prior to this, as you can see in the video, he shoved her camera. then he looked at me and told me to get my ass out as well.   I replied I would stay until the last person left if I wanted to and I wasn’t scared of him. His response? I’m not scared of you either!

We had a pleasant conversation with Lt. Paulson. He’s such a nice guy and he wasn’t telling us to leave. 

I don’t think I will buy flowers from Pierson’s anymore! 


City evicts Harbor Quarry Tenants

Is this how

CR Citizen Stopped, cannot return to his home. (Flood 2008)

Time Check - A neighborhood under the HEAVY hand of CR Council

City removes Homeless from Greenway

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