Before every City Council meeting in Cedar Rapids, the council receives a packet. The Mayor and City Clerk have reviewed and set the Council’s agenda for the upcoming meeting.

The packet dated, Tuesday, February 28, 2023 included the following pages. The identified section in red states: Alternative Recommendation: Do not proceed with acquiring the proposed property under the eminent domain proceedings and direct City staff to abandon or reconfigure the flood control system.

Working class homes should receive the same flood protection that luxury condos get. We can’t stand by and let those who have less suffer more – it’s time to equalize our responsibilities towards these communities! As Samuel Jackson would say, “The only way we’re gonna make a change is if y’all stop playing the game!”

Rebuilt for 14 Years

Greg and Ajai had the stars in their eyes when they began rebuilding their home 14 years ago. Since a devastating flood changed everything, leaving them to pick up the pieces of what was left behind. Now though, against all odds and through sheer grit alone – City officials are threatening to seize it from beneath them using eminent domain if they don’t sell willingly! Can this family fight back or will fate prove too strong? Stay tuned for more about this epic battle between David & Goliath!

I keep saying it’s a bit of a maniacal pursuit…

Honorable Mayor, Tiffany O’Donnell

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