Letter to Marissa Payne with The Gazette and copied to Jeff Pomerantz, City Manager

Hi Marissa,

Have you seen the study for the hydraulics analysis of the river in a flood stage going through Cedar Rapids?

Greg Vail received his “letter of doom” from the City. The letter states that in “non-technical terms, the river needs some room to spread out”.  

I am looking for the justification for the 139 acres to be used for the river to “spread out” versus not having that area available for the river to “spread out” as it currently stands.

The study should show the flow of the river with and without the current levee protecting the properties.

I have been unable to find any technical reports. The City has many FCS reports that do not include any data justifying the flooding of Greg’s property.

It appears this levee placement is arbitrary for the City’s need for a new multi-sports complex area and the Mayor’s dog park.

Thank you,

Kathy Potts

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