…and Hell will freeze before we speak to you from our seats. We are listening. It doesn’t matter if you ask us not to take your house. After you speak, I, the Mayor, will say, thank you.

I cannot wait until election time for any of these council members. We are going to get them on record. That, come hell or high water, they will refuse to address any citizen in a public meeting regarding any issue. The ONLY people they will speak to are city employees or contracted companies. Any bets they will blame it on protocol? Why do we even vote for these people if they can’t change their own protocol?!?!?!

Speak vermin!

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  1. I remember when we could go in, speak, and leave so the council could do their work. Now we’re forced to sit through the whole meeting. We weren’t elected (or paid) to do sit there. Shame. Public comments should go back to the beginning of the meeting.

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