We are fighting a “war”. When our City Council has ordered the staff to take the homes of so many and worst of all, evicting a woman who is dying of cancer out of her death bed, I do what I can to end this wickedness.

People will not read something that does not catch their attention.

Do I apologize, to heartless people? No. They do not deserve one. They are worse than bullies, they make no threats, they just plan on making a woman get up out of her death bed and move.

I cannot think of a single reason to not bring attention to this woman’s plight. They say they need her land “for river to spread out”.

I will take my chances with the river any day over the despicable flood of heartless council members.

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  1. Could you imagine if someone did to this to any of their mothers? They have no heart. All they care about is their vision. It blows my mind that they are this cruel.

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