Have you ever wanted a sponge that will soak up everything you need? It appears Mayor Tiffany O’Donnell has found one.

Our Mayor told a reporter for the Wall Street Journal that there are some families “that are paying the price for the safety of the entire city”.

She was speaking about Time Check and why the City needs the properties and is taking them by eminent domain.

To our knowledge, as of this date, not a single City Council member, including the Mayor, has bothered to meet any of the residents being affected. Our hearts are broken with the case of eminent domain against Donna and Rick. Donna is dying of stage 4 brain cancer and it is a sad ending to a life well lived.

Back to the magic sponge…

The list of homes slated for voluntary buy-outs, involuntary buyouts and eminent domain take up an area of 18.56 acres. The City of Cedar Rapids is 72.07 Square miles.

That equates to the area desired in the land-grab to be .02 square miles.

As Rita Rasmussen stated, these properties are needed for the river to spread out.

This magic sponge, made up of .04% of the City, is going to make the entire City safe?

That is Ridiculous.

Surely, you guys on the City staff can help the Mayor with a better sound bite.

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